How to downgrade iPad to 3.2 firmware

In Apple device on 10/09/2010 at 2:15 AM

Based on what i read it seem that iPad is a an interesting piece of equipment and i myself could not resisted to buy one from Ebay 🙂 The item came just now and its seems that the previous owner had completely wiped out all of his data leaving my iPad stay in white Apple logo. Plugged it in iTune and i discovered it was installed with3.2.2 firmware . Bummer ! So i tried to restore it back to 3.2 firmware but i keep getting error message refer to Apple verify process. After digging through Google i found some helpful instructions to successfully  restore my iPad to 3.2.

Basically all i do is change the file “hosts” to trick iTunes into thinking that Apple allowed the restoration. Here are the steps:

(Copied from and

  1. Download 3.2 iPad firmware at felixbruns (Best Apple firmware host ever 🙂
  2. Run Notepad as administrator
  3. Open “hosts” file in C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc
  4. Copy this line to bottom of the file: “”
  5. Save it then run iTunes to restore. Now my iPad ran 3.2 firmware ready to jailbreak 🙂
  6. Download Spirit and run it as Admin. There ! You now have jailbreak iPad with Cydia.

Run Notepad as Admin

Copy paste and save 🙂


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