How to install Danael M9 Lockscreen and fix the slider error

In Apple device on 05/05/2011 at 12:12 PM

Damn, it has been a long time since i create a new post. Today topic is: iPhone 4 lock screen modding. I would like to introduce you to one of the best lock screens for iPhone 4:”Danael M9 Lockscreen” This lock screen is simply what i need: simple elegant and give me space to show off my own wall paper. Here is the screen shots from official site:

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What i need ?

  • Jailbreak iPhone4, don’t know what jailbreak is ? Well you missing something big, pal 🙂
  • Software to access the root folder. SSH(guide available in cydia) or if you don’t want hassle i rekon DiskAid (Google is your friend)
  • Winterboard which can be install through Cydia.
  • Simple Danael M9 Lockscreen package which can be download from his page here in Mactheme
  • OR if you dig the weather addon please download it from Mardok link which you can find in page 6 of the thread here

Done ! How to install it ?

Unzip Danael lock screen package. Now you will need to customize the lock screen to your liking:

  • To fix the wall paper error/change wall paper, simply copy your favorite wallpaper (1.jpeg for example) into “Danael M9 Lockscreen.theme” folder (same level with style.css, background.png…). Then open “LockBackground.html” with notepad (i recommend Notepad++ which is free but better then the default). Find these sentences:
<img src="/User/Library/SpringBoard/LockBackground.jpg"
width="320" height="480"></img>

and change it to

<img src="Name of your wallpaper(1.jpg for example)"
width="320" height="480"></img>
  • For other who download the Mardok (weather version) please edit configureMe.js by notepad and change the code to your liking. For example

if you live in Melbourne change locale to                          var locale = “Melbourne, AU”

if you want the weather update every 3 hours change    var updateInterval = 180

if you want Celsius change                                                    var isCelsius  = true

  • For those update to 4.3.1 or onward the bad new is Apple change the name of all UI image so Damael slider may not appear correctly. Appreantly Apple tried their best to prevent theme modding 😦 You can fix that by simply change the name of the slider components respectively:

bottombarbkgndlock@2x.png    to     WellLock@2x.png

bottombarknobgray@2x.png      to      BarBottomLock@2x.png

Or vice-versa, i also believe that this simply rename can also fix all other slider errors in other theme as well so if it worked, please report back so other know 😉

SSH or DiskAid to you iphone and copy the whole folder: “Danael M9 Lockscreen.theme” to this location: Root\var\stash\Theme or ThemeXXX.

And that’s about it now you can enjoy this new lock screen. Show off to your friends ! Here are some example of this lock screen:

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  • I only see black screen—>you have not install your wallpaper please refer to the install guide
  • Weather information still loading—>There is a bug in Mardok script, just unlock your device and be sure your phone connect to the internet then relock it. It will happen every time you respring
  • My original slider still appear—>Change the name of png files please refer to install guide
  • Are there any addon to make this cooler ?—> Yes it is ! There are MBEx (change the style of music control in lock screen) and Danael complete theme which you can find in his thread here or Cydia
  • I included screenshots showed common errors when installing Danael lock screen below here. If familiar to you, refer to my install guide to fix it. Have fun !


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