How to fix driver update error for Windows 8.1 (Zeppelinmini firmware upgrade example)

In Apple device on 12/08/2014 at 6:44 AM

Hi everyone,

Good to be back to my blog again. You know the New Year resolution you might never do? Well this blog is an example of that. Take me 2 years to finally get back to the web. Yay 🙂 Anyway here is a treat for ya, I am going to show you how to fix the driver installation error on windows 8.1. Here is the error code: “A problem was encountered while attempting to add the driver to the store” I will take my Zeppelinmini driver installation from Bowers & Wilkins as an example for this tutorial.

So why I cannot install legitimate driver to windows 8.1?

Driver signature error

The problem with windows 8.1 driver installation process is that driver needs to have signed signature before Windows 8.1 accept the driver package. Therefore any old drivers that do not follow windows 8.1 new rules are not accepted for security reason. The simple solution to this problem is that we need to disable the checking driver process temporary while we install new package. Think of it as the check box from Android phone to install unknown sources apps.


  • Be careful when you change the internal system as it might damage your system files.
  • Be sure to download the driver from official support. Remember the signature checked security existed for a reason.
  • Keep calm and Google if you still cannot install the driver after follow this post .
  • This tutorial for windows 8.1 only

Let’s do it:

Move your mouse to the lower right hand corner to trigger the menu and select Setting

  • Select Change PC setting

Change PC setting

  • Update and recovery —-> Recovery

Advance startup

  • Advance start up —-> Restart now
  • Now your computer will start with Windows 8 advance setup —-> Troubleshoot
  • Advance option —-> Startup setting —->Restart again
  • Press 7 option to disable driver signature enforcement
  • Your computer will restart. Now you can install your driver as normal. Follow the tutorials again to enable the driver signature after you finish the installation.

How to upgrade Zeppelinmini firmware in Windows 8.1:

  • Now fire up the computer manager

get to driver manager

  • Right click on AT32UC3A DFU (Zeppelinmini connection) and select update driver.


  • Manually select the location of the driver. It should be in C:\Program Files\Bowers & Wilkins\Zeppelinmini Programmer. The computer will ask you again if you want to install the driver. 

windows cant verify the driver

  • Wait a few minutes for the installation to finish. Then you can fire up Zeppelinmini Programmer and follow on screen instruction to upgrade the Zeppelinmini to the latest firmware.

Mission accomplish

Have fun!


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