An idea for a new line of audio speakers that might change the industry…

In Ideas on 23/10/2015 at 7:36 AM

Have look at the Bang & Olufsen recently, I can’t help but admire the designs and of course the sound coming of these tiny speakers. Apple and Bang & Olufsen really do know how to make a good aluminum equipment. The more I look at the S8 satellite speakers, the more I want to own something similar that carry that authentic designs while have the power of portability and the decoration value. Those speakers are made to put in a deep impression for the house.


At that moment it struck me hard. Can we made a speaker that have the similar authenticity while being portable? I want something that I can bring to any party or left it at home and turn it into a piece of house decoration. A pleasing device that I can’t take my eyes off while retain a beautiful sound and contain simplicity function. In order to accommodate such requirement, the speaker will need to satisfy these criteria:

• It need to be portable enough so I can carry around. Thus the need for battery compartment
• It need to be easily function. Thus the need for wireless connection
• It need to have a beautiful sound. Thus the need for the latest Bluetooth Aptx technology and the Airplay ability integrated to the device
• It need to have an expansion ability so that the speaker is able to keep up with the latest technology upgrade. Thus it needs to have an expansion slot
• It need to have a pleasing shape and look thus the need to design it into a decoration piece. I prefer it to be able to stick into a wall.
• It need to have an ability to connect with other devices to create 2.1/5.1 sound system with minimal effort. Thus the need for an app interface so users are able to setup connection.
• It need to become the central media of the house. The looker that nobody is able to resist to look at. Thus the speaker need to have its own sub-devices attached to it.

Can you get the ideas that I am trying to pitch here? Welcome to my ideas article, where i show you my ideas and love to see it come true. This is the 1st article on my future trademark speaker’s line: “Lunar & Earth” or “L & E”

Why the name Lunar & Earth?

The name suggests the shape of those speakers. A beautiful circular shape and a masculine, strong square shape speakers that you can bring anywhere you want or leave it at home to décor the house. They are portable for you to bring them anywhere and have so many possibility that they will soon become your central media player.
The name came from Vietnamese mythology stories that tell a story about a cake competition in the eon’s time of Vietnam. Once upon a time, the king open a cake competition to find the best person who can make an exciting cakes and a delightful taste that please all the gods. The prize for the winner was the throne itself. One man, received the help from god, made 2 cakes to compete. The first cake have a nice white color with smooth texture. One bite from that cake, will send the taster into a blissful state as the cake melt right down to the throat. The second cake had a beautiful light green color with a rough texture. Each groove in the texture was made by the crisscross of the rice which then wrap around a big green leaves. Upon biting the cake, the outer layer fall apart and reveal a rich beautiful layer of pork belly and all the goodness fat that keep melting on the tongue. Think of it as when you bite an wagu beef.

The king asked the man what are the name of those god like cake. And he replied: The white cake shall be called Lunar cake as it represent the smoothness and nice of the moonlight while the green cake shall be called Earth case as it represent the greenness of the Earth and the beauty it gave to humanity. A person who eat both of these cake can experience both the sky onward and the deepest of earth hence experience the heaven.

I want my speakers to give you the feeling like that. The moment you turn on the speakers, the moment you feel the music lift the whole body. That is what I hope can happen. I might not able to create these speakers within my own life but hopefully somebody is able to fulfill it and make it to production 🙂


So how does this so called L & E work ?

Image the speakers with 1 and a half size of an S8 satellite speakers (Bang & Olufsen). It has a battery compartment that allow rechargeable and removable for future usage.

On the side of the speaker there will be a proprietary magnet connection that allow for recharging the battery or attach expansion components (tweeters, camera…)
This outer layer is able to rotate so the user can position the connection port to a convenient position

On the back of the speaker will contained magnet that allow it to attach itself to a surface (wall or ceiling or any surface that has a base attached.
ON the surface of the speakers will be LED light to indicate connection, battery and other status.

The beauty of this speaker is its ability to have an endless expansion set up. As the speaker has its own connection port, any attachment of subsequence module to the port will expand the functionality of these system.

On top of my head, it can be:

1> Circular expansion battery
2> Light modules to create mood: multiple light that attached to the speaker
3> Tweeter module
4> Additional speakers to expand the volume
5> Sensory module to turn the system into an alarm
6> Infrared module for convenient remote control other modules
7> IPhone/android docking module to allow the possibility of media playback
8> Any many many more.

The good side of these structure is that, L & E can sell the proprietary connection adapter so other developers are able to build their own modules to expand the functionality of the system

Also due to the shape and size of these speakers and component, a series of linkage will create a beautiful effect of decoration to the house. Imagine a system where the light will automatically turn to the mood of the music. And you are able to video chat from these system as well. Lunar & Earth system is limited less.

I attached a general concept so you can understand a bit more of what I am talking about.

Lunar & Earth

Lunar & Earth




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