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Airwick Air Freshmatic hack – How to refill with generic brand air freshener

In Minihacks on 19/09/2014 at 2:29 PM

Time for a little hack everyone 🙂 Recently my Air Wick Freshmatic run out after 1 year of running and as a true ozbargain, i refuse to buy the Air Wick refill which cost me more than $7. Therefore, i quickly snapped up the new refill spotted from ALDI, once i saw the $2 price tag. I knew the refill shape matched with Air Wick refill so it should work right ? Turn out that Air Wick refused to work with Pure Wick (Highly coincident name ?) refill. The machine start flashing red after the first spray 😦 After searching around the internet i found guidance from aayron blogspot to help me solve the problem so all the credits to him. Only one small thing is that his canister had black nozzle while the one from ALDI is in white.  So here is the details of my adaptive hack to you 🙂

ALDI alternative refill

ALDI alternative refill

How can Air Wick detect different refill ?

The trick is quite simple. Air Wick install a light sensitive sensor, which enable it to recognize the black and white color part in the nozzle. In resting position, the sensor detect black color area while in fully pressed position, the area changes into white color thus make the system recognize any non genuine refill. Therefore it makes sense for us to paint the color of the nozzle accordingly to the Air Wick genuine part to trick the system to work again. Or you can just swap the nozzle but if you throw them out already, please continue to read my guide 🙂

What do i need ?

  • Black pen such as: marker, pencil anything that black 🙂
  • Or you can cut any tape, color it black and stick it to the nozzle

Where do i draw/stick it to ?

As the sensor located at the left when you look at the unit in front, you only need to color/stick the tape on the nozzle’s left side. And a picture worth thousand words so here is 3000 words for ya. Click on the picture to zoom so you can see the location easier. Have fun !

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